Superior Coaching and Training!

Superior Coaching and Training!

Dr. Donald Berry DC SFMA

 Athletic Coaching

 Personal Training 

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Dr. Donald Berry DC SMFA SFG CK-FMS Power-Liftermemberr of the AAU offers coaching to athletes and personal training in Kettlebells, Power-Lifting and Wing Chun at The Pole Barn of Muscle. About Dr. Donald Berrys coaches and Instructors;. Dr Berry's power-lifitng coaches are Marty Gallagher World Top Strength Coach and IPF (International Power Federation) Champion and Kirk Karwoski,

 7 time USPF National Powerlifting Champion, a 6 time IPF World Powerlifting Champion and an IPF Junior World Powerlifting Champion. 

Dr. Donald Berry also teaches Wing Chun under Internationaly Renowned Sifu Randy Williams CRCA system. This oppurtunity for coaching and perosnal training is open to the community. To learn more contact Dr. Donald Berry DC.SFMA RKC CKFMS AAU Memeber.