Primal Move

Ground Force Method.

Ground Force Method practice is beneficial for many groups:


  • Weekend warriors as a beginners program or as a full complimentary program.

  • Prehabilitation for individuals looking to begin a new fitness regime, and for those coming back to fitness after an extended break.

  • Frequent travelers looking for an effective option to maintain their fitness while reducing negative effects of travel.

  • Athletes as a de-load program, a low intensity solution or a rehabilitation.

  • Individuals looking for yoga-inspired movement benefits without the yoga atmosphere.

  • Older people to improve movement skills, mobility and help restore balance.

  • Children to improve body awareness, proprioception and coordination for sports and movement in general.

Ground Force Method (GFM). Primal Move.


What is GFM? ​


Ground Force Method Method was born out of necessity, from working with injured athletes and people who did not enjoy movements anymore because of pain and discomfort. When pain is present, many goals cannot be accomplished, and especially the fun and “playfulness” of movements goes out the door.


The GFM system—with its deep roots both in modern science and the most revered of the ancient “body culture” disciplines—provides you a dynamic new way to effectively retrain your body to reclaim its natural ability to move with elegance, strength, power and speed. Added benefits often include: improved endurance, a reduction or removal of pain, greater energy and a radically improved sense of overall well being. GFM helps puts the joy back into your exercise program—when injury, imbalances, aging or other set backs have made regular exercise an uncomfortable struggle, mental or physical, rather than a natural source of pleasure


Ground Force Method Foundations.


​Because we are certified in FMS, we believe in and adhere to a system of movement. We have put all the exercises into a logical order, adding games for fun and playfulness, and later on we’ve added several levels of progressions. This is all based on the idea of Functional Movement. We consider FMS so important that we start all Ground Force Method certifications with a sample FMS test, because we want attendees to understand the value of FMS, the value of finding the “starting point” before any physical activity. So... Start moving! Move better, move stronger and move more! And later on, move faster! Moving more is not enough, one must always move better. Ground Force Method classes are functional and FUNdamental.


Why was GFM Selected by Dr. Berry?


Dr. Berry is certified in both SFMA and FMS developed by Gray Cook. The FMS systems are an essential part of Dr. Berry's Tool Box as a top knotch Movement Restoration and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Therfore it follows that since Ground Force Method adheres to a system of movement this system would add to his treatment protochol with the Gary Cook FMS Systems.