Kabuki Movement System KMS

What Exactly is KMS?

Kabuki Movement Systems (KMS) is a groundbreaking approach using basic loaded movements to determine deviant movement patterns, underlying issues, and how to fix them. You will learn to identify these issues, use clinically supported corrective measures to resolve them, and understand how to coach these movements using methods based on basic human Operational Mechanics. This integrated system will allow you to quickly identify and improve your performance, or your clients’. This method is not only innovative, but also grounded in science - pulling from multiple respected and developed disciplines. Once the basic operation mechanics and related postural/recruitment patterns are understood, we can use the core barbell lifts as both the assessment and corrective tools for movement issues. KMS covers a large variety of correctional movement patterns yet never deviates from our core tenant - basic movement patterns to improve human function, get stronger, and live better.


Dr. Donald B Berry is KMS  Certified. 




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KMS was founded by world-renowned coach and powerlifter Chris Duffin and his team at the Kabuki Strength Lab.


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Chris Duffin KMS Founder