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Berry Chiropractic Center

We are Marylands movement - restoration specialist and premier source for chiropractic, spinal decompression, and rehabilitation. Our practice serves the needs of individuals in Frederick Maryland and surrounding areas. Dr. Donald Berry DC SFMA takes the time to conduct an in depth history, ask questions, and perform a comprehensive examination which includes a wide range of the most advanced testing to make sure you receive a customized treatment, tailored for your needs .


Dr Donald Berry DC SFMA first expereince with Chriopractics was so impresive that he decided then and there this was the career path he would take as he wanted to see people healed and returning to the qulaity of life they once knew before injury. After suffering a dislocated patella at the age of 21 which was preventing Dr. Berry from participting in the UMBC Tae Kwon Do Club of whic he was a founding member of, he sought out help from various professionals in the health field to stablize the knee. After experiencing disapointment in the medical community for the treatment of his knee injury, Dr. Berry then decided on surgery. However, fate had other plans for Dr. Berry which would change his life and his career path.


While getting ready to turn in his gi (uniform,) to the Karate Club which became such an important part of his life as he would now be preparing for surgey, a fellow member suggested he see his uncle first, his uncle, a Chiropractor! Dr. Berry was impressed by his friends uncles love of chiropractics (this was due to the positive results chiropractics provided his pateints,) and his genuine concern for others. These two qualities besides Dr. Berry's personal expereince had major impact on Dr. Berrys life journey.


Today Dr. Berry has had the joy of seeing his pateints restore to the quality of life that thought they had forever lost or were ready to take the avenue of surgery before they walked into his office. Dr. Berry has helped prevent the need for surgery with a number of his pateints who once like he, didnt know or understand what Chiropractics was about! 


For the Love of Martial Arts! Martial Arts has continued to not only have an important place in his life, Dr Berry instructs classes in both,

Wing Chun where he is a Chief Instructor under Sifu Randy Williams CRCA and Kettlebells where he recieved his RKC certification through Dragon Door. But that's not all, he also holds the title for his age and class in the squat with Powerlifting through the AAU which he is a member of.


Dose Chiropractics work? Just look at the Doctor!

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