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Frederick MD Patient


"Dr. Berry is a "Cut Above The Rest", Absolutely the Best Chiropractor you'll ever see! Dr. Berry is constantly striving to learn the most up-to-date cutting edge research in his field, which involves the Neuromuscular Skeletal System, and includes all joints, muscles and nerves in the body! And that is Complex! More than just knowledge, Dr. Berry translates his knowledge in his scope of practice with his treatment plans which offer the Most Advanced and Comprehensive Chiropractic Care available!

My personal experience with Dr. Berry: I went from being schedule for back surgery to being an active person, because he asked me to simply trust him. I can honestly declare many years later, that I made the correct choice! Now that was "Gain with out Pain"! Ask any person who has had back surgery how they felt after the surgery, and many have had to experience the agony of a second surgery afterwards!

Dr. Berry is without a doubt, "A Cut Above the Rest" in his field."

Brian Morrison


'I have known Dr. Berry for nearly 30 years. He has always maintained the highest standards in his practice. He is among a very few chiropractors who are able to combine the art of manual therapy with the science of exercise to create effective, individualized programs for his patients. Patients can continue to benefit from his expertise by continuing their home care long after they are discharged from active care. I always refer patients who move to the Frederick area to Dr. Berry because I know they will receive excellent care."

Satya Newday


"I can't say good enough things about (Doc) Dr Berry's skill as a chiropractor and as a trainer. My serious "the rest of your life" shoulder problem is 100% better after working with Doc over the past year or so. That is not say they don't have limits, but the ache with typical exertion isn't there anymore and they continue to get stronger!

When I first met him I had been having shoulder problems for more than 10 years and with any exertion both shoulders ached. Both my shoulders had actually been diagnosed as disable by MD's and Michigan social services for what labeled as Rotator Cuff Syndrome, which what put back in college in 2004.

I've been working with chiropractors and physical therapists over the last 40 years and what I've experienced with Doc has is nothing short of incredible, He ran me through a brief yet thorough diagnostic examine, a very simple short series of test that I never experienced before, and then developed a simple rehab program for me and coached me in it."

Michele Rollison
These guys and gals are awesome. Flexibility and customer service beyond belief, especially for a first time client.
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