Patient Testimonals


Monty Warsing


"It's a rarity these days to find a doctor who will spend more than five minutes with you. Dr. Donald Berry certainly breaks that mold and exceeded my expectations! First of all the office is bright, open and has very friendly staff which made me feel comfortable and welcome right away.Second I was not made to wait long before seeing Dr. Berry.He is down to earth and LISTENS to you! I was immediately comfortable talking with him. After hearing what I had to say he had great input not only about how he was going to treat me but also what I could do to on my own to reduce future issues.


I've been working with Dr. Berry since 11/2012 and have begun taking his Primal Move and kettle bell classes. It has made a world of difference! I feel SIGNIFICANTLY younger and move far more easily doing day-to-day tasks.
I STRONGLY recommend Dr. Berry as a chiropractor who will make a positive difference in your life as well."


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Jared Ramsburg


'Dr. Berry is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging Chiropractor. Dr. Berry helped me with separate back, knee, and shoulder pains I was getting from sports related activities. Moreover, he teaches his clients about prevention and methods to stay in good physical health. I highly recommend going to Berry Chiropractic!"


Luke Rinehart


"I highly recommend Berry Chiropractic! Not only has Dr. Berry helped me recover from quite a few lasting injuries but has also taught me various ways to prevent them through Kettle Bell training. Great guy. Great practice!."

Adam Miglio


"Dr. Berry's services go beyond that of a typical chiropractor. I have gained so much knowledge from my visits with him in terms of exercise and improving my physical fitness. I highly recommend Dr. Berry to anyone and everyone."

Len List


"Superb! Absolutely the very best chiropractor I've ever experienced. Superior knowledge, great concern for his patients, and with the ability and desire to really help. Great, caring staff as well.

It gets no better than this!."