Simple Contact.


Simple Contact is defined as a technique of communication, either verbal or manual, designed to enhance another’s awareness and expression of their spontaneously occurring internal processes.



Why is Simple Contact Part of Dr. Berry DC, Pain Mangment Tool Box?


Simple Contact focuses on simplifying manual care by handling others in pain to promote corrective movement, relief and rehabilitation. It introduces the practicing therapist to an understanding of their patient with persistent pain in light of the newest discoveries of neuroscience. Peer reviewed literature is used to make these insights clinically relevant and immediately applicable to common clinical problems.


Simple Contact, a method of manual care originating with the instructor, will be demonstrated. Ideomotion for the relief of mechanical deformation leading to pain will be discussed in detail and studies describing its use as a movement therapy in conjunction to traditional manual care will be provided.




Simple Contact.

Manually Manging Painful Condtitions.

Developed by Barrett L. Dorko P.T.