Why We DON'T Take X Ray's!

Why We Don't TRake X Rays Dr. Donald Berry DC SFMA Berry Chiropractic Center Frederick MD

We frequently get calls in the office from potential new patients asking us if we takeX Rays in the office.

Sorry we do not, and I want you to understand why. We start the initial patient visit with an extensive health history, followed by a comprehensive orthopedic examination and movement assessment. If during the course of the examination it is found that you need any diagnostic studies you will be referred to the appropriate medical professional or diagnostic center.

Some of you have heard that a chiropractor needs X Rays to know where to adjust, that is a fallacy. The spine consist of moving parts, I access restrictions and joint fixation during your assessment.

Some Chiropractors use X Rays to demonstrate a loss of curvature in the spine. That really can be detected in your postural exam and I feel it is an unnecessary exposure to radiation. Others will use it as a sales pitch to outline a course of treatment to correct curves in the spine. There is absolutely NO scientific validity to this approach.

So when do I take X Rays? Those guidelines are set by the American Radiology Association, after an injury, if there is a history of certain diseases like Cancer, or if the patient is not responding to care after a few visits.

Our goal is to get you out of pain and enjoying your life as soon as possible.

Feel Better Move Better Live Better

Donald Berry, D.C.

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