Why I Offer Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

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Why I offer Far Infrared Sauna Therapy as a modality in my office.

Most of my patients often come to me seeking relief from chronic pain. Here is what FIR Sauna therapy has done for my patients~Infrared Sauna Therapy increased the extensibility of collagen tissues, decreased joint stiffness, relieved muscle spasms, produced pain relief, increased blood flow and assisted in resolution of inflammatory infiltrates, edema and exudates. And as an added benefit, yes, it has helped aid in weight loss!

For me in my profession, Inflammation is the number one issue that I can appreciate the positive effects of Far Infrared Sauna for Therapy. Inflammation is the cause of PAIN and STIFFNESS that my patients experience whether through athletic injury or mechanical breakdown with soft connective tissue from improper body mechanics. My GOAL as a Movement Restoration Specialist is to restore movement in my patients, FIR Sauna gently helps me achieve this.

In my office I use the best sauna on the market by Luxury Sauna & Spa. This sauna is the only one that offers medical grade Tourmaline. Learn more here about the benifts of Tourmaline.


Dr. Donald Berry DC SFMA

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