The DREADED Weightlifter's Shoulder (Distal Clavicular Osteolysis)

DCO is due to repetitive trauma or stress from training and lifting causing tiny fractures of the distal end of the clavicular bone.

Commonly it is a result of excessive traction on the AC joint from bench presses or chest fly exercises and occurs when the elbows drop below or behind the body. This places the shoulders in a position of excess extension. Because the bone doesn't have a chance to heal before the next training session begins, the bone actually starts to dissolve.

As a Chiropractor, Movement Specialist and Extreme Athlete, the 'Dreaded' Weight Lifters Shoulder can be avoided if you make a choice to be coached and trained by a professional with the correct background and credentials. In this case an ounce of prevention, investing in being trained by a professional is worth your investment in YOU! TRAIN SAFE!

Dr. Donald Berry DC SFMA Personal Coach and Trainer (AAU National Record Holder for the Squat in Class and Age)! Move Better Feel Better Live Better


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