Aunt Betty

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You know, sometimes it gets confusing!?

Especially when really smart people that I respect disagree, and sometimes those disagreements get heated. During that time confusion and a little discouragement can set in. Because, I start thinking, "Wow if these guys can't figure it out, how am I going to figure it out?" What to do, "Keep The End in Mind", as Covey would say.

One of my greatest mentors, Brett Jones, always refers to a fictitious client/patient, "Aunt Betty". You know her, the middle aged woman that comes to us for help. She is the majority of our patients and clients. She is a great person and we all love to see her when she walks through the door. She brings us cookies at Christmas and appreciates what we do, She's a hard worker, she gets it!

I don't have to Pick a side in a healthcare/fitness war because I am on Aunt Betty's side. I just have to stick with good sound principles then Assess, Treat and Reassess. I'll let the smart guys battle it out and keep Aunt Betty Moving Better, Feeling Better, Living Better!

Dr. Donald Berry DC SFMA

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