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Exploring and Developing Movment Skills! MovNat- Master the ancient biotechnology. MovNat is the difference between a Muscle Based appraoch to fitness to a Movement Please approach to fitness.

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Alex Connor FMS & MovNat Certified Trainer -

Trained in the Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and a Movement Specialist, Alex is also certified in MovNat bringing another dimension to the rehabilitation program at Berry Chiropractic Center.

Taken from MovNat principals - The way we move has not changed. Our health is tied to moving as we, the human species, always has.

MovNat is a physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement skills.The MovNat system trains competence for practical performance. What dose this mean to you and me? This

simply means that unlike powerlifting, or track running, or gymnastics, etc. the MovNat system trains skills directly applicable to the real world in real contexts. Lifting and carrying that 40 pound bag of dog food, or chasing the kids around in the backyard, or walking across a downed tree to cross a stream. All of these are the seeds of those other sports, but have to be performed in a context of imperfect environments that force us to adapt. And yet, that is the world we live in; not a gym. So training to do that efficiently in the real world to prevent injury and be effective becomes the focus. That is true "fitness"!

At Berry Chiropracvtic Center (BCC,) I will be re-educating our patients, teaching them through MovNat how to get down and get up from the floor with efficiency, because they've literally forgotten that skill, or to walk with good balance to prevent falling. This is where the therapeutic rehabilitative side of MovNat comes in for our pateints at BCC. So I will be incorporating different aspects in both rehabilataion in the office, and training for our conditioning classes.

As a Movoment Specialist I incorperate both FMS and MovNat to help you as a person who is in need of rehabilitation due to injury and as an athlete whose goal is to enhance his performance while lesseing the risk for injury.

In closing from the founder of FMS, Grey Cook; 'Human Movement is a BEHAVIOUR these behaviours need to be screened and tested as behaviours and these behaviours are catagorized. We look for break point, where movement dysfuntion can actually almost change the fitness outcome myra lifestyle.

MovNat is right for both the athlete and for those who are in need of rehabilitation because of injury.

Do you want to Move Well, Move Often! Learn more about Myra Lifestyle, MovNat and FMS contact

Berry Chiropractic Center where our goal is for you to:


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