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As a Chiropractor I see and treat people with soft connective tissue injuries. Key word INJURY! Let's look at Injury in general and what that means; harm or damage that is sustained. First, our bodies are made to heal but with all the stressors that we as a society experience and poor nutrition, healing takes longer, especially as we age.

As we age our Telmere shortens which is one of the root casues of aging. Healthy Cell Plus has a key ingredient it addressTelomeres, the key components of your “cellular aging clock,” are protective caps at the end of the chromosomes in each of your cells. They help ensure the integrity of your genetic information during cell division. Healthy telomeres provide a greater number of divisions, or clean copies, in the life of your cells, and lead to healthier aging.

Why I carry Healthy Cell Plus at my office> Healthy Cell Plus is beyond a MultiVitamin the product addresses your cellular health, it's Adavane Cell Nutrition! The cellular level is where healing begins! My goal as a chiropractor is to restore proper movement to my pateints by correcting movement imbalancement,also known as faulty movement patterns.Yet, we still need to address the injury and the quicker the injury heals, the quicker my patient will repsond to my protochol for them as both thier Chiropractor and Movement Restoration Expert!

My desier for each pateint is that they can:

Move Better Feel Better Live Better!

Dr. Donald Berry DC SFMA CK-FMS

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