Kabuki Movement Systems

Honing In On What KMS Is And Why I Use It In My Practice.

Kabuki Movement Systems (KMS) is a groundbreaking approach using basic loaded movements to determine deviant movement patterns, underlying issues, and how to fix them. As an Athlete, Coach and a Chiropractor my job basically is to identify your underlying issues to correct repetitive injury. (KMS) is a system that I use to help me identify these issues. KMS uses clinically supported corrective measures to resolve them, and provided greater understanding how to coach these movements using methods based on basic human Operational Mechanics. This integrated system helps me as your doctor or coach to quickly identify and improve your performance. KMS covers a large variety of correctional movement patterns yet never deviates from our core tenant - basic movement patterns to improve human function, get stronger, and live better.

At Berry Chiropractic Center Our Motto Is: Move Better Feel Better Live Better

The Kabuki System Helps My Pateints, Move Better Feel Better Live Better

Chris Duffin Is The Founder Of Kabuki Movement Systems http://www.kabuki.ms/

Some of the content from KMS What It Is,was taken from Chris Duffin's KMS website.

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