Why Sitting Is Bad! What's The Remedy?

Yes, Sitting Is Bad for your lumbar spine, contributes to weight gain and overall poor health! So what's the remedy when you have to sit at a desk all day?

MOVING! However, EXERCISE has been the drug of choice by those who decide to be proactive about thier back health. Are ALL exercises created equal when it comes to counteracting the effects of sitting? Doctor Berry has developed the Movement Is Medicine to counteract the effects of sitting by getting your 'Core Muscles Strong'. The exercise utilized in his classes are performed with a KETTLEBELL!

The kettlebell is the most versatile training tool there is and ought to be your entry point into strength training. Strength Training? Yes!

Your core muscles support your spine and need to be strong to counteract the effects of sitting as prolong sitting weakens them.

“Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics,” reported Russian magazine Hercules in 1913.

Another benefit of exercising with Kettlebells IS that it promotes a healthy body composition!

Dr. Donald Berry DC is a Certified Strong First Instructor. Movement Is Medicine Classes are offered at Berry Chiropractic Center, classes are forming now, give us a call at 301-620-4100 to learn more.

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