Strength Has a Greater Purpose

Movement Is Medicine class will help you get there!

Our philosophy to maintain a healthy spine and lifestyle at Berry Chiropractic Center can be summed up in "Just Get Strong'! Dr. Berry chose to be certified as a Strong First Kettlebell instructor because SFG motto and Dr. Berry's philosophy on health is directly affected by getting strong, as well as the level of knowledge and instruction SFG offers through the founder Pavel Tsatsouline.

Dr. Berry perspective is that just because you ended up in his office with injury and pain that you DO NOT have to be careful the rest of your life not to experience re-injury through a sedentary lifestyle! Dr. Berry wants his patients to move beyond therapy into a place where thier muscles have strength and help prevent re-injury.

SFG states that, "You can be anything you want. A warrior. An athlete. A hard man or woman ready to handle whatever life throws at you. But you must be strong first." And Dr. Berry agrees, that is why he has developed classes which incorporate Kettlebells as part of his patients moving into a new season in thier life, Getting Strong! What better instructor can you have for training, than a Doctor of the Neuromuscular Skeletal System who understands your injury but is also a certified instructor through Strong First!

Want to 'JUST GET STRONG'? Strength dose have a GREATER PURPOSE, it will provide you with a HEALTHIER Lifestyle!

To learn more and sign up for Movement Is Medicine Classes contact our office at 301-620-4100.

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