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Berry Chiropractic Center will help you achieve your wellness needs, improve your quality of life, and facilitate healing through our services. Dr. Donald Berry DC CK-FMS SFMA, was trained by the Spine Research Center of San Diego and belongs to an Elite group of Doctors as a member of the International Society of Clinical Rehabilitation Specialist. Membership is exclusive.

Chiropractic Research, Medical research has consistently proven that Chiropractic Treatment for Chronic Whiplash injuries is superior to traditional non-chiropractic care. i.e.. medication, rest, physical therapy. In the study summarized below from the Medical Journal, “Injury“, 93% of the chronic whiplash patients reported improvement in their symptoms with Chiropractic care! That is significant! Chiropractic_The Only Proven Effective Treatment For Whiplash.

At Berry Chiropractic Center we understand that an auto accident can cause pain and hardship. Our goal is to help ease your pain, regain your mobility, and help you recover. We pay special attention to injuries unique to car accidents such as whiplash, back pain, neck pain, and headache. Let us help you get the care you deserve to heal properly as a result of an auto accident injury.

Dr. Donald Berry completed an extensive certification program of 50 hours in the Whiplash injury, Bio-mechanics and Brain Traumatology Certification Program by Dr. Arthur C. Croft, D.C., M.Sc., M.P.H., F.A.C.O.

Dr. Berry was trained at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego where Dr. Arthur C. Croft is one of the world's leading scientists in this field and an award-winning speaker. This is the only advanced certification program if its kind.

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