Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Far-infrared radiant (FIR) heat completely safely occurring naturally energy. The caused heat is produced by direct rays called infrared heat or infrared energy. Infrared energy heat your body without having to heat the air in-between through a process called conversion, because it can penetrate 2-3” deep into the body meanwhile increase circulation and nourish damaged tissue.

What Are The Health Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy?

1.Natural Lower Back Pain Relief Without Drugs - Just One of the Far Infrared Sauna Benefits. Far infrared sauna benefits are tremendous. If you want to find natural lower back pain relief without drugs, infrared saunas could be your answer. Do you frequently feel the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia? Treatment and therapy for these symptoms can incorporate infrared saunas and their powerful effects.

2.Increases blood circulation and strengthens your cardiovascular system. As your body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart works harder pumping more blood, achieving the conditioning benefits of continuous exercise. By widening your blood vessels and enriching your blood with oxygen you feel more energetic and your skin gets a beautiful, youthful glow.

3." Regular use of a sauna may impart a similar stress on the cardiovascular system as running, and its regular use may be as effective as burning calories." (Journal of the American Medical Association.)

More far-infrared sauna benefits:

 Pain Relief.  Weight Loss.  Detoxification.  Increased Circulation.  Cholesterol Removal.  Boosts Immune System.  Normalizes Blood Pressure.  Fibromyalgia Pain Relief.  Removes Stress & Fatigue.  Improves Joint Stiffness.  Strengthens Cardiovascular System

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