We Can Help With Your Swing!

Is your swing suffering from body pain or a limited range of motion?

To address and alleviate your aches and pains, you need to know what the root cause is. I said CAUSING the pain, not where you feel the pain. When golfers come to see me with lower back pain, rarely is it the case that the lower back causes the pain. A vast majority of the time, you feel the pain because you are compensating in that area. You compensate because you lack in another area of your body. Take the golfer with back pain; they will typically have a rotational limitation in the hips, mid-back, or even the shoulders that forces them to move in their lower back in a way that it is not meant to do. This will cause lower back pain. However, until you improve the hip, mid-back, or shoulder limitation, you will never cure the lower back pain.

At BCC we will perform a Functional Movement Screening to determine where your body is weak and create a program to strengthen your weakness and become flexible and open up stretch and range of motion.

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