Y Balance Test.


The secret weapon of the Functional Movement System.


Dr. Donald Berry DC SFM, SFMA uses the Y balance for both athlets and to measure rehabilitaion progress.


  • As an integral part of the  Functional Movement Systems, the Y Balance Test is a thoroughly researched, yet easy way to test a person’s risk for injury as well as demonstrate functional symmetry. The Y Balance Test Protocol was developed through years of research in lower extremity injury prevention using the Star Excursion Balance Test.


Y Balance Test Anterior Reach Asymmetry Predicts Injury in Collegiate Athletes.

  • Researchers prospectively performed the Y Balance Test Lower Quarter on 184 collegiate athletes from 13 collegiate sports and followed them for injuries through their competitive seasons.Y Balance Test Lower Quarter asymmetry was again found to be predictive of injury in collegiate athletes across multiple sports. 


The Y - Balance Test is performed by Alex Connor our Movement Specialist at Berry Chiropractic Center who is certified in Y Balance Testing. If you're and interested in injury prevention please contact our office and set up an appointment with Alex Connor. Alex is also certified in FMS (Functional Movement Screening) as well as MovNat (Move Naturally) - Quality Movement. 

Y Balance Test. FMS System.

Gray Cook - FMS Founder


Alex Connior is our Y Balance Test Speciialist  at Berry Chiropractic Center