Y Balance Test.

Y Balance Test Lower Quarter Testing Procedure.
This system is designed to be used in a clinical setting to test a person's risk for injury. We use this assessment in our practice, to test a persons risk for injury and measure rehabilitation results. 

The Y Balance Test is a thoroughly researched, yet easy way to test a person's risk for injury as well as demonstrate functional symmetry. The Y Balance Test Protocol was developed through years of research in lower extremity injury prevention using the Star Excursion Balance Test. This new device and protocol is highly accurate and can be used for measuring pre and post rehabilitation performance, improvement after performance enhancement programs, dynamic balance for fitness programs, and return to sport readiness. 


If you are an athlete or are in rehabilitation Alex Connor our Movement Specialist is certified in the

Y Balance Test and will supervise the Y Balance Test at Berry Chiropractic Center. Alex Connor is also certified in the Functional Movement Systems know as FMS which screen for 'Faulty Movement Patterns' and MovNat (Move Naturally) - Quality Movement which is the foundation, the bedrock for sustainable strength, health & conditioning. As a Movement Specialist, Alex will test our patients for faulty movement patterns with FMS test, then using the Y Balance Test your risk for injury as well as demonstrate functional symmetry as well as use MovNat teaching you how to move, then move well

and often


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